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Chang Dental Group - Testimonial

Magical Implant and Root Canal experience with Jenny Chang.

Chang Dental Group - Testimonial

Great care and personal attention.

Chang Dental Group - Testimonial

I've seen huge changes in my dental health!

Chang Dental Group - Testimonial

"Lauren Hutton loves her gap!"


Dr. Jenny Chang is a Prosthodontist and Founder and CEO of Chang Dental Group. A specialist in the esthetic restoration and replacement of teeth, Dr. Chang has expertise in restoring optimum appearance and function to her patients’ smiles.

Chang Dental Group - Testimonial

Its simple, Go see Dr. Jenny Chang!

John Govostes - Periodontist at Chang Dental Group

John focuses on patient education, the preservation of teeth through various non-surgical and surgical therapy modalities in the treatment of gum diseases (periodontitis).

Teeth Whitening - Zoom Whitening at Chang Dental Group

This video walks you through the Zoom whitening process at Chang Dental Group. If your'e looking for whiter teeth, try ZOOM for teeth whitening at Chang Dental Group!

Sergio Gomez RDH - What should you expect during your hygiene appointment? Chang Dental Group Natick

Sergio Gomez RDH - Hygienist at Chang Dental group bridging the gap for your dental health!

Dr.Brady for Chang Dental Group Natick


Chang Dental Group Natick - Testimonials

The right implants can make all the difference!

Chang Dental Group Natick - Testimonials

Smile brightly and let their inner joy come through!

Chang Dental Group Natick - Laboratory Technician

Dr.Chang demands quality.

Chang Dental Group Natick - Testimonials

You can tell by my smile that it’s a good place to be!

Chang Dental Group Natick - Testimonials

Best prosthodontist in Boston area

Chang Dental Group Natick - Testimonials

Best family doctor in Boston area



Chang Dental group is nestled off of North Main Street on Megonko Rd. See the snapshot below from North Main St. Or click on the image for further instructions. See you soon!

direction to Dr. Chang dental office in Nyack MA