Partial Crowns, Inlays & Onlays

At Chang Dental Group in Natick, Dr. Jenny Chang, Dr. Courtney Brady, and Dr. Mario Gatti bring you long-lasting, natural partial crowns called inlays and onlays. Similar to tooth fillings, we use inlays and onlays to fill cavities and other areas of trauma or tooth decay.

The most conservative approach to restorative dentistry, an inlay is a strong, durable material made outside the mouth that’s used to replace part of a tooth and is cemented or bonded into place. An inlay fits like a puzzle piece into the tooth. If one of the points, or cusps, is also replaced, this is called an onlay.

If the part of the tooth to be restored is too great for a filling, inlay or onlay, then we use a dental crown. Unlike regular fillings, which are composed of a soft material that is molded into the tooth, indirect porcelain fillings are typically shaped in a dental lab and then firmly cemented into place at a later visit.

At Chang Dental Group, however, we use advanced Cerec® technology to create porcelain inlays and onlays while you wait and place them in your mouth the same visit!

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Chang Dental group is nestled off of North Main Street on Megonko Rd. See the snapshot below from North Main St. Or click on the image for further instructions. See you soon!

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