Children’s Dental Services

The first visit to Chang Dental Group practice will be a memorable one. Everyone at Chang Dental Group will treat your child as if they were the most important person in our office — that's because they are!

Dental Wellness Check Up Appointment:

We recommend to start your child's first dental wellness check up appointment between 12-18 months. At Chang Dental Group, we believe in early education and prevention. Baby teeth erupt between 6-25 months. At this early age, the visit is about educating parents and children about good oral habits, nutrition consult, prevention of night time bottle usage, and proper brushing techniques. Most importantly, we feel it is important to create a comforting and friendly environment at early age, for the child to feel welcomed in a dental office setting. It creates a life long good attitude and keep healthy habits. Prevention is the best key to not having cavities.

Dental visits for children Age 2 -12

We can not stress enough the importance of regular dental visits for this age group. Kids should be educated about good brushing techniques, food that make teeth strong and healthy. Our friendly hygienists will spend time to interact with children to learn about their teeth in a relaxed comfortable setting. During age 7-12, most adult teeth are erupting. Putting sealants on permanent molars is important to prevent cavities. These are teeth we want to help your child to keep forever. Good habits start at early age. Any early childhood undesirable habits, such as thumb sucking, nail biting, prolonged bottle usage, can affect the development of the dental arches and cause crowded unesthetic teeth alignment. Our doctors will examine your child and will discuss a prevention or treatment program with you, to ensure the best care for your child's oral health.

Dental visits for Teenagers:

At this time, most adult teeth are in the mouth. It is important for teenagers to learn proper flossing and brushing techniques to keep their adult dentition for life. Regular visits will allow them to develop a good attitude to care for their teeth and prevent cavities. At this time, many teenagers should be evaluated for orthodontic treatment. Qualified candidates can receive teen Invisalign treatment. Our doctors are always available to address any concerns or questions regarding your child’s dental care needs.

The final step at Chang Dental Group will be to sit down with you, review the visit, explain office policies and procedures, and answer any questions you may have. This initial visit is an excellent opportunity to receive information and get your questions answered. Chang Dental Group is always available to address any concerns or questions regarding your child’s dental care needs, even after you’ve left the office.

Call Chang Dental Group at 508-283-3910 to schedule an appointment. Our Natick locations is easily accessible from Framingham, Wayland, Wellesley, Weston, Sherborn, Dover, Medfield, Ashland, Holliston, Hopkinton, Millis, and Southborough.



Chang Dental group is nestled off of North Main Street on Megonko Rd. See the snapshot below from North Main St. Or click on the image for further instructions. See you soon!

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