Getting it streight with invisalign!

‘Invisalign Baller’?

Yes, you heard correctly! A baller is someone that is the best at what they do; an expert of sorts. Someone that is respected for the service that they provide! In this case, that service is Invisalign. Dr. Chang - Invisalign transformation 2016!

Dr. Chang - Invisalign transformation 2016!

This patient came to Chang Dental Group for help. He was told by other dentists that he needed a dental implant and 6 veneers that cost thousands of dollars. After Dr. Chang evaluated his condition, she felt that he would benefit most from invisible braces. By closing all of the spaces we created a healthy, functional, and beautiful outcome. His treatment took 10 months, and we absolutely love the result! Our patient is thrilled and appreciates that he saved a lot of money and avoided doing extra procedures. So happy : )

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before and after Invisalign
Invisalign Baller

Considering Invisalign?

Deciding between types of braces is a matter of preference for most. There is nothing wrong with metal orthodontics. However, if you are a person that doesn't want their braces to be visible or feel like a kid, then Invisalign is perfect for you! When you wear the clear braces that Invisalign provides, they truly aren’t noticeable to anyone. The braces are also super easy to insert and remove, making oral hygiene possible, something that is more difficult with traditional(metal) braces.

Is Dr. Brady wearing Invisalign? Watch the video to see if you were right!

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